3 Parcels on Lakeland Drive & Riverview

Listing Type:Sale
Land or Building?Land
Available Land:3

-Up to 5 acres available

-Highest traffic count on Lakeland Drive with traffic light

-Multiple access points

-Convenient and safe location

Site 3: 2.016 Acres, $15/FT
Site 4: 1.358 Acres, $9.50/FT ($591,560)
Site 5: 2.016 Acres, $9.50/FT ($878,270)

Hank Holman

Available Land

LotSize in AcresSize in Sq FtZoningOverall PricePrice per Sq Ft
32 Acres Sq Ft$1,079,475$15 per Sq Ft
41 Acres Sq Ft$591,560$10 per Sq Ft
52 Acres Sq Ft$878,270$10 per Sq Ft

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